Safe visit to our company

The Safety Orientation of our company is essential and mandatory for any client, contractor, supplier, authority and/or any other person visiting our Terminals. Its purpose is protecting your physical integrity as well as that of our staff members.

Our Safety Orientation Video is available on-line. Please be sure to follow these steps to obtain your certificate:

  1. Registration form
    Please complete the required information.
  2. Safety Orientation video
    After your registration, you will have access to our Safety Orientation Video. Watching it will only take a few minutes.
  3. On-line test
    After watching the video, you will have access to a test. If passing it, you will obtain a certificate to access our Terminal.
  4. Certificate
    If passing the on-line test, you will be issued a certificate for the completion of the Safety Orientation including your commitment to comply with safety norms and regulations from our company. If failing to pass the test, you may restart the process from Step 1.
  5. Certificate presentation
    You shall present the printed certificate, along with any other requested documents, for your access to our Terminal.
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